Our Family of Retailers

     We are proud supporters of local economy.  We feel very privileged to have our work represented in over 100 wonderful independent shops and galleries around the United States. Small business is the backbone of American economy, and each of these retailers is culturally and economically integral to their local communities.
    Each shop is a gathering place for people and ideas.  As they promote the appreciation of American art and craft; right at street level, they awe and inspire generations, bringing exceptional art, form, and function to the heart of their communities.
    We ask and encourage you to support these vital local businesses who invest their energy, resources and talent in your community.  These businesses depend on people like you to continue to add value to Main Street America.

    None of our retailers in your area? You can also browse our jewelry on our Online Store  or in person at an upcoming art show.  If you are a retailer or know of a retailer who would be a good fit for our eco friendly jewelry, please contact us, and we will provide more information on wholesale.

Retailers By State